This group of courses are provided to support the Graduate Diploma in Open School Management.

Foundations and Evolution of ODL and Open Schooling introduces the learner to the theories and philosophies that have underpinned the development and evolution of ODL and open schooling. 

 Module 2: Open Schooling Systems and Models is essentially about how Open Schooling is organised. It provides you with an overview of the systems and subsystems of Open Schools are based on in order to function effectively.

OER Design, Development and Publication is the third module in the Commonwealth of Learning program towards a Diploma in Open School Operations and Management. This module presents practical skills and knowledge for the use and development of learning resources.

This module is part of the Post Graduate diploma in ODL and its primary focus is on preparing the online instructor in the delivery of an online course and providing support to the enrolled student.

Module Five focuses on student and faculty support in ODL environments. 

Module six focuses on management and leadership in open school environments and the planning approaches you will need to engage in with faculty, students, staff, parents and stakeholders in to develop and effective open school. 

This is the module that supports the Open School Management Final Project.